Type 1 Diabetic Supplies

For several years prior to my diagnosis, I experienced very specific symptoms associated with type one diabetes. I would not experience the symptoms simultaneously but instead at intermittent times. I never put two and two together to bring these concerns to my doctor until I had a major attack one day last summer. Prior to my diagnosis, I experienced unexplained weight loss at various times, constant urination, general fatigue and extreme hunger. I attributed most of these symptoms to my very active lifestyle and never thought much of it.

Last summer after a track meet, I suddenly became very dizzy and experienced blurry vision, nausea and vomiting. After about ten minutes, I also lost feeling in both of my feet. Being a stubborn person, I originally shrugged off the symptoms. A couple of my teammates, however, saw the distressed look on my face and suggested that I go to the emergency room. After several hours and a rigorous battery of tests, I got the most unexpected news: I was officially diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes. The emergency room doctor explained the connection between all of my sporadic symptoms. I was initially in shock because I knew that my new life as a diabetes type one patient would mean significant changes in my lifestyle and health regimen.

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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetics have their unique needs in diabetic supplies, therefore we have developed a site dedicated to Type 1 Diabetic Supplies. Because Type 1 Diabetic's typically have a complete loss of insulin production, the need for insulin is higher and the management is more frequent.  Out of all the diabetics diagnosed in the world, 5-10% are diagnosed as Type 1. This may occur at any age, but it is mostly in children and young adults.  This is changing as a new form of diabetes mistaken as Type 1 and Type 2 has been getting more recognition. This is the Adult-Onset Diabetes and is closely related to Type 1 in relation to how all beta cells (where insulin is produced) eventually are depleted.

Signs and Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Much like other diabetes, you excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination, rapid weight loss while eating well and an increase in infections. This includes fungal or bacterial that heal slower and itchy skin. You can feel tired or a general fatigue even after resting well. Eyesight can be blurry with twitching or other complications.

High or Low Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar levels are at their highest, you might experience extra dry itchy skin, deep breathing, a general flushed feeling, stomach pains and nausea. Also a common symptom of high blood sugar levels is bad breath that smells fruity and unique to high blood sugar. Low blood sugar brings on a different level of symptoms, causing palpitations of the heart, shaking, sweating, nervousness and headaches. Also hunger can kick in as a natural craving for energy.

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